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Cases and Citations
The law firm of Sherard, Sherard and Johnson has established itself as an expert source across diverse areas of law. Our history in Wheatland reflects decades of lawyering excellence and superior client service.

The firm represents Basin Electric Power Co-op. We helped site the Missouri Basin Power Project located east of Wheatland. This $1.6 Billion construction project entailed many different issues including eminent domain, environmental law, water law and zoning. We continue to represent Basin Electric in various capacities in Wyoming.

The firm also represents Western Fuels Association and Western Fuels Wyoming. Western Fuels is responsible for supplying coal to numerous electric generation facilities across the western United States.

The following Wyoming Supreme Court and United States District Court Cases are representative of our practice over the past 25 years.

Administrative Law
State Department of Revenue and Taxation v. PacifiCorp 872 P.2d 1163 (Wyo. 1994) Administrative Law case with various tax issues.
Wyoming Mining Association v. State 748 P.2d 718 (Wyo. 1988)
Platte Co. School District No. 1 v. Basin Electric Power Co-op 638 P.2d 1276 (Wyo. 1982)

Corporate Law
Squaw Mountain Cattle Co. v Bowen 804 P.2d 1292 (Wyo. 1991) This case involved conversion of corporate assets.
Angus Hunt Ranch Inc. v. Bowen 571 P.2d 974 (Wyo. 1977)

Eminent Domain
Canyon View Ranch v. Basin Electric Power Co-op 628 P.2d 530 (Wyo. 1981)

Family Law
Ahearn v. Ahearn 993 P.2d 942 (Wyo. 1999)
Merritt v. Merritt 586 P.2d 550 (Wyo. 1978)

Federal Courts:
Ahearn v. Ahearn 993 P.2d 942 (Wyo. 1999)
Cenex, Inc. v. Arrow Gas Service 896 F. Supp. 1574 (1995)
Western Fuels Association Inc. v. Burlington Northern R.R. Co. 102 F.R.D. 201 (1984)

Mining Law
May v. Shields 393 P.2d 319 (Wyo. 1964) Ejection action by mineral lessors.

Real Estate Law
Snyder v. Lovercheck 992 P.2d 1079 (Wyo. 1999) Various contract and Real Estate issues involved.
Ahearn v. Tri-County Federal Savings bank 954 P.2d 1371 (Wyo. 1998) Various contract and Real Estate issues involved.

Tort / Contract Law
Ahearn v. Anderson- Bishop Partnership 946 P.2d 417 (Wyo. 1997) Dealt with various interwoven contract and tort issues.

Water Law
Goshen Irrigation District v. Wyoming State Board of Control 926 P.2d 557 (Wyo. 1996) Abandonment of water rights.
Joe Johnson Co. v. Wyoming State Board of Control 857 P.2d 312 (Wyo. 1993) Numerous water issues. Specifically the abandonment of water rights.
Joe Johnson Co. v. Jerry Landen 738 P.2d 711 (Wyo. 1987) Reservoir water rights.
Basin Electric Power Co-op v. State Board of Control 578 P.2d 557 (Wyo. 1978)
Bruegman v. Johnson Ranches Inc. 520 P.2d 489 (Wyo. 1974)

Wills and Estates
May v. Estate of McCormick By and Through Swallow 769 P.2d 395 (Wyo. 1989)
Miller v. Miller 664 P.2d 39 (Wyo. 1983)

Workers Compensation
Honholt v. Basin Electric Power Co-op 784 P.2d 1136 (Wyo. 1989) Denial of Workers Compensation benefits.

Bard Ranch Co. v. Frederick 950 P.2d 564 (Wyo. 1997) Agricultural zoning certificates.
Laramie River Conservation Council v. Industrial Siting Council 588 P.2d 1241 (Wyo. 1978)

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