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Civil Litigation
In general, Civil Litigation involves an individual whose goal is to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or settle a dispute. This can include Child Custody, Adoption, Contracts and General Litigation.

Avoid the complications and delays that come from trying to do it alone. Call Sherard, Sherard & Johnson and get the facts you need at this important time.
Corporate & Business Law
Corporate and Business law requires an attorney with a  thorough understanding of statutory law and government regulations, and the ability to communicate that expertise.

At Sherard, Sherard & Johnson, we will objectively analyze transactions, and evaluate outcome scenarios to negotiate an outcome that achieves our clients’ goals.

Sherard, Sherard & Johnson attorneys have successfully represented corporations and businesses of all sizes across Platte County.
Family Law
We understand that Family Law situations can involve unique and often emotional complications. Sherard, Sherard & Johnson represents clients in a variety of family law issues, including divorce, separation, and annulment; child custody; child and spousal support; visitation and related issues, paternity, and marital property rights.
Real Estate
Your home, ranch, or farm is probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make, and definitely one of the most important. Real Estate rules and regulations can be confusing, An attorney from Sherard, Sherard & Johnson can simplify the buying or selling experience for you and your family. Our experience with Wyoming real estate can make buying or selling your property more profitable as well.
Public Utilities & Energy Law
The wind rush is on! Sherard, Sherard & Johnson has a long and impressive history of successful public utilities cases. We're ready to help you as new energy sources come to the forefront as well. This is new territory, but the attorneys at Sherard, Sherard & Johnson are informed and ready to represent you.
Personal Injury
If you have been injured in an automobile accident and are not sure what the next step should be, perhaps your first call should be to Sherard, Sherard and Johnson.  The experience of the attorney's at Sherard, Sherard and Johnson can help guide you through the process of a personal injury claim.  Personal injury can also include wrongful death of a loved one.  In any of these situations, you should seek legal advice and Sherard, Sherard and Johnson has ample experience to assist and guide you in your time of need.
Probate, Trust & Wills
Our breadth of experience enables us to handle difficult, unusual, disputed, or complex estates of all sizes.

At Sherard, Sherard & Johnson, we will listen to you, and advise you on sensitive issues. Each client gets all the attention they need during what can be a vulnerable and emotional part of life.

Asset protection planning is something everyone should consider. Sherard, Sherard & Johnson attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients protect their assets from future creditors and lawsuits through the implementation of a wide variety of legal tools.
Water Law
The simple Wyoming water law concept of "first in time, first in right" can become very confusing when tested in the real world. Sherard, Sherard & Johnson attorneys understand the issues and have the experience in Water Rights law that you're looking for.
As outdoor enthusiasts themselves, the attorney's at Sherard, Sherard & Johnson are dedicated to informing, protecting, and defending other outdoor enthusiasts. Wyoming is part of the Interstate Compact, which means that if you lose your hunting rights in Wyoming you lose your hunting rights in all states that are a part of the Interstate Compact. Contact the attorneys at Sherard, Sherard & Johnson before you make decisions that could implicate your rights.
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Law Offices Sherard, Sherard & Johnson, Wheatland, WY attorneys have a deep understanding of the law in each of our practice areas.